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Compare Portable Hot Water Heater Products

These water heaters are compact, portable and lightweight, thus allowing you to carry them around wherever you go. They seldom exceed 10 pounds in weight, they require no venting installation and they involve little to no maintenance in the long haul!
The portable water heaters come with an easy and efficient attachment system that allows you to connect them to any garden hose, quickly and without the hassles. Moreover, most of them come with embedded batteries that can be easily recharged, therefore you do not need to worry about electrical hook-ups that are often dangerous and unreliable;
Easy to install and use, these water heaters are designed to provide a continuous flow of warm water whenever and wherever you need it: all you need to do is to connect the heater to a constant water source and to turn it on – the modern heaters come with an automatic on/off button;
The modern ones are very energy and water-efficient, meaning that they are designed to provide high-quality warm water while helping you save money on utility and electricity bills at the same time.

1. The Camp Chef 10L Portable Water Heater
This is one of the most efficient and cost-effective portable water heaters on our website. It usually is sold for $180 to $200. The water ehater can deliver no less than 2.6 gallons of hot water per minute. It comes with 4 different settings for the shower head, it includes a regulator hose for the bulk propane tank and it also has handles for easy transportation and storage for later use.

2. BaseCamp By Mr.Heater
The BaseCamp is a very stylish and efficient portable water heater that is slightly more pricey, but it is worth the money – it can be purchased usually for $320 to $350. Available in two colors, silver and black, the BaseCamp by Mr.Heater comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, a stylish and comprehensive LCD display along with a stainless steel finish.
Also, the Basecamp portable water heater comes with dual outlets (tap outlets and an adjustable shower that delivers pleasant, warm water at any given time). The quick connect fittings allow you to couple the BaseCamp portable water heater to basically any silicone hose, and the overall kit also includes an elegant carry bad, a pump assembly, a shower head as well as two adaptors.

3. The Portable L5 Water Heater – Strainer And Volt Flojet Pump
Last, but not least, the Portable L5 Water Heater is another portable, 18-pound device that costs $174.95. The Flojet can deliver no less than 2.9 gallons per minute, and it is compatible with L10 models as well. This best portable water heater can work perfectly without an accumulator tank and it can deliver a smooth water flow quickly and without the fuss. The heater is especially designed to reduce both noise and vibration while running and it is made exclusively from corrosion resistant materials, which make it very durable in the long run.