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How Does Portable Hot Water Heater Work

The portable water heater is a small, lightweight device that can give you warm water wherever you go. One of the most popular uses of these heaters is giving campers the ability to have warm showers. From travelers to outdoor enthusiasts, the uses for these heaters are plentiful. Because they are powered by batteries or propane fuel, these devices also are considered more environmentally friendly when compared to their traditional counterparts.Our company leads in selling portable water heaters by guaranteeing the customers that they will get the product brand new, and at lowest price.

Portable water heaters also provide hot water without having to transport and store large amounts of warm water in a tank. In addition to the practical benefit of having warm water anywhere, portable water heaters are incredibly energy efficient and safe. Powered either by batteries of propane, portable water heaters function without the need of a pilot light. By plugging the portable water heater into a propane cylinder, which is usually sold separately, you can have a continuous stream of warm water.
The parts of the device include a valve fan, sensor, heat exchanger, and power source. When the water is turned on, the sensor activates the power source and the burner heats up. To use, the portable water heater is first connected to a water source. The burner, which acts as the heat source, activates as the water flow past it, then automatically shuts off after the water flow stops. The water is heated while it is passing through the burner. The water in these devices often can heat up from cold to 100 degrees in as little as 5 seconds.

In addition to campers, the portable water heater is used by boaters, pet owners and ranchers for rinsing off horses. Portable water heaters also can be used for cooking, cleaning and laundry. The device can be hung from a tree, post or RV ladder and comes with a hose, gas regulator, a shower head mount, an on/off nozzle, a built-in handle, and accompanying hardware. The outdoor-only device often comes with a generous warranty. Many of these devices come with spray adapters that you can purchase separately.