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What Is Portable Hot Water Heater?

Now that it’s summer time, you may be planning a vacation that includes camping.  There are some fantastic places to camp such as Big Bend National Park. A portable hot water heater is a must-have item among your camping gear in the wild unless you want practice survival training or feel like a cave man!   When choosing the right portable hot water heater for the best price, it’s best if you  have a bit of background knowledge.

There are several things you should be aware of when purchasing portable hot water heaters. Check to see if the portable water heaters you are considering,

1. has rechargeable batteries included
2. has a tank of required capacity for you needs
3. delivers hot water on demand
4. is durable material with high product standards

There are basically two types of portable water heaters; propane ones (sometimes using batteries) and those using only batteries for ignition. A propane portable hot water heater includes a gas hose with a 10 to 20 pound BBQ type LP cylinder. Most commonly these portable hot water heaters have 2iDi batteries that provides automatic ignition. This also gives you the ability to control the heat of the water. This is more like a ìhybridî that is especially designed to minimize propane wastage.

The temperature on this type of portable hot water heater can vary from 80  150 Fahrenheit, and if the incoming water is really cold, you may have to leave the heater switched on for a while. Propane portable hot water heaters are capable of providing an average of 1 liters of water per minute. The function of battery operated portable hot water heaters is almost similar to that of the above.
Another type of heater is the large sized, fixable portable hot water heater. Well, these arenít literally portable, because they will be fixed to a point, but if required, you can remove them and carry them quite conveniently. These portable hot water heaters are ideal for off-grid homes, cabins, horse trailers and barns.

Most of the features of these larger capacity permanent heaters are very similar to that of common portable hot water heaters. However, they may not have automatic on/off signals and pilot lights. The temperatures range from 80 ñ 150 Fahrenheit and can be manually adjusted whenever necessary.
Features on portable hot water heaters can vary from brand to brand, thus the price too varies. You can buy a typical water heater with the general features for about $200. However, accessories for portable hot water heaters, like spray adapters, carry cases, and propane adapters must be bought separately.